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KimbaKimba of Langdon Hills


3rd January 1996 - 9th November 2010

Kimba came to us in March 1998 just a few weeks after we lost our old boy Simba. At that time she was just two years old and due to unforeseen circumstances in need of a new home. Understandably a little apprehensive, nevertheless she jumped into the back of our car and settled down for a nice snooze on the two hour journey home. Shortly after arriving the fun began!!

To cut a long story short she climbed over our fence which is all of six feet high and off into the woods for a week. Periodically she was sighted and occasionally she even came back to our house but we couldn't catch her. Well, eventually with the aid of her previous family we did. It transpired that she had some medical problems, but once cured she settled down and her real character emerged. She has a lovely temperament but is still very much the boss in the pack. Rosko may be the only boy and struts his stuff but when push comes to shove there is no doubt who wears the trousers; "what's new" I hear you cry!

After a year of being the only dog in the house Kimba's peace was horribly disturbed when Rosko appeared, but she loved him really!!  


Au Revoir Kimba

It was with great sadness that we had to let our "Old Girl" go in November 2010. She had had a long and happy life although not without it's moments of worry and drama! At a couple of months short of her 15th Birthday her old body was gradually letting her down. She went peacefully in the warmth of her own home, on her own bed, surrounded by those that loved her. Her last act was to sneeze into her vets face, but they did know each other very well!! Sweet Dreams our Kimba Girl x


Kimba - Having a Roll
3rd January 1996 - 10th November 2010

Our Sweet Kimba

Don’t wait for us our Kimba, our sweet
Across the bridge are friends to meet
Your mum and me will be just fine
Look at your eyes how now they shine

Restored once more with healthy glow
It hurt so much to let you go
But go you must to show the way
We’ll join you there, one fine day

Rosko awaits to play old games
No longer allowed by your creaking frame
Misty and Smokey both wait to renew
That special bond they had with you

Old Simba is there, who never you met
Don’t worry he’s nice, no need to fret
Rosko & Kimba
Rosko & Kimba
Twas you that gave us all a new start
When Simba crossed over and broke our hearts

There’ll be Rabbits, Hamsters and old Trixie to
You'll not know them but they'll know you
So many a friend will you find that you have
And we’ll always love you, your mum and your dad

Run Wild, Run Free Old Girl
Just Pop Back to See Us Once in A While x

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