Maestro & LillyLilongwe Rhodesian Ridgebacks


26th July 1984 - 19th February 1998

Bred by Mr & Mrs Selby of Eilack Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Simba was our first introduction to Rhodesian Ridgebacks and what an introduction!

This eight week old "Jack in the Box" would not let us leave without him - so that was that, all feet and ears, he came home with us. Our old cross-breed thought he was wonderful for the first day, but come day two and he was still around, well that was the beginning of a love love relationship - he loved her, she didn't love him!! In her old age he became her guardian and protector, if she lagged behind on walks he would not move until she caught up. When our two sons and their friends were at home he became one of them, playing, wrestling or chasing, but never ever did he utter a cross word. Right up to his eventual demise at age 13 1/2 he truly was the gentle giant and what a void he left - but then, along came Kimba!!

Simba's Photo Gallery