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News 2013

13.09.2013 At Darlington Championship Show, under all round judge Miss J Startup, Tiffany was placed 2nd in Open Bitch.

28.07.2013 At Leeds Championship Show, under breed specialist judge Ms K Cairns, Tiffany was placed 1st in Open Bitch and awarded the Bitch CC, her first!!

Good Girl Tiffers, let's hope the other two will not be too long in coming!
15.06.2013 LottiWe are all heartbroken at the loss of our beautiful old lady, Lotti.

While of a good age at 12 3/4, and a little unsteady on her back end, her eventual demise came out of the blue; two days earlier she had been her normal self. Our vet believes that she had a fast growing tumour in her chest that initially affected her lungs but which, just two days later, had compromised her heart to the extent that she was suffering atrial fibrillation. There was nothing we could do but cradle her in Jean's arms while we helped her slip quietly away.

At that time our vet, Jonathan Nurse, was himself moved to say "she was a good dog"; and that she was. She made us laugh practically every day of her life. She could be stubborn but was very bright and always the joker of the pack. While in due course she became the pack matriarch, to whom all showed the greatest respect, she was extremely gentle, particularly with children. She just loved kids, even though she was two years old before she encountered them on a regular basis! All of our grandchildren would get a wash every time they came through the door, whether they needed it our not!! A remarkable temperament.

As is often said old girl, you had a "good innings" and perhaps better this way than a long drawn out affair of collapsing back ends and/or discomfort and pain. We are sure you are now fully rejuvenated and enjoying your time with old friends. In due time we will assuredly join you, but until that day comes you will be forever in our thoughts and minds, we will never stop loving you. Have fun, our Sweet Lotti xxx

15.06.2013 Tiffany's show results for 2013 updated.
08.06.2013 TiffanyAt the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Great Britain Open Show, under all round judge Mr G Fulcher, Tiffany was placed 2nd in Open Bitch.
21.04.2013 At the Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Open Show, under breed specialist Mrs L Parke, Tiffany was placed 1st in Open Bitch.